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General Contractors Plano Tx

General Contractors Plano Tx

Of all the general contractors in Plano, TX, few have been around as long as Hatcher Building and Construction. With 29 years and going strong, Hatcher Building and Construction has become a household name and a company that people know they can trust for good, honest work at a reasonable price. Over the years, we've watched a lot of general contractors in Plano, TX startup and go out of business, but not us! What's our secret for our longevity in N. Texas?

Integrity, Integrity, Integrity

A lot of our clients call us after having a bad experience with another contractor. Usually, the client thinks that they can save a few bucks with someone else only to spend more money in the long-run. Between hidden fees and unexpected expenses, and having to pay for work done a second time, we've seen a lot of angry clients who have been duped by other contractors. The one true secret to our success has been integrity. We are always honest, transparent, and we do the right thing even when nobody's around. We're accountable for our mistakes, and we don't cut corners.

Indeed, almost 30 years in business is a landmark worth celebrating for any company, but it's especially meaningful for those of us in the construction business. Ask any general contractor in Plano, TX, and they'll tell you that this is a cut-throat business. It's heavily competitive, and contractors are always trying to outbid and outmarket each other. We're proud of this milestone in our existence, and we hope you see it for what it is - a testament to our integrity.

General Contractors for Residential and Commercial Projects

We are general contractors in Plano, TX who do it all. Whether it's a home remodeling project or building a brand new home, we've got the skills, tools, equipment, and manpower to get any job done right the first time. We also offer commercial general contractor services. Whether your project is a residential or commercial one, you can check out our body of work online as well as view some of our client reviews. You may also feel free to call anytime for a list of new or old professional references.

As your general contractor, our services are pretty straight-forward. This is important because even fairly simple home remodeling projects can be complex. Between materials, appliances, labor, trades, and other elements of the building and construction process, it can be easy for a person to get lost in the weeds pretty quickly. At Hatcher Building and Construction, we oversee every aspect of the building project, and we make sure that everyone does their job correctly, on time, and within budget. We serve as your point of contact throughout the building process.

We'll Get it Done Right the First Time

If there's one thing that we would like you to know about us, it's that we pride ourselves on integrity, and that's why we bring this up again. You can hire the most skilled general contractor in Plano, TX, but if they're not honest, you can end up spending a lot more than you need to. You need a company you can rely on to not go cheap, not cut corners, and to give you a finished product that matches your expectations at the outset. You need Hatcher Building and Construction.

General Contractors Plano Tx
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General Contractors Plano Tx